1. Working:
The work on the project will start as soon as
(a). The advance payment is made.
(b). All the required data is provided as asked by the concerned IIC team member
It includes:
– Type of product
–  Complete content required for the product (if it is to be provided by the
– Information as filled in the Requirement Form.
Failure to provide the above mentioned documents may lead to the delay in starting the

2. The Services:
– The team of IIC will design and develop the entire product with proper research and
brainstorming on the project requirement provided that the client have
given all the necessary documents.(Refer point no. 1)
– Keep the client informed about the progress of the development.
– Delivering the product on time as agreed by both the parties, unless the client
fails to provide the desired data required by IIC; this might lead to delay in
delivering the product.

3. Customer Obligation:
The customer will provide the concerned IIC team member of the project with
(a). such co-operation as is required by the him\her (acting reasonably) to enable the performance by the IIC Team of its obligations under the
Agreement; and
(b) all information and documents required by the IIC Team (acting reasonably) in connection with the provision of the Services.

4. Charges and Payments:
Amount to be paid is entirely dependent on the type of project and its specific requirement.

(a). After the agreement by both the parties, 60% of the amount have to be deposited in advance and remaining 40% must be deposited within 10 days by the
client ; failure to do so will lead to delay in further work process and ultimately delay in the project delivery.
(b). Once the complete payment is made, further work on project is facilitated and after completion the entire product is handed over to the client.
(c). Failure to make a complete payment may lead to retention of the specific project, and IIC hold the complete right to keep the project on hold unless the
complete payment is made by the client.
(d). Payment once made (Advance or complete) will not be refunded back.
(e). Amount can be paid in Cash, direct transfer to account as well as by Cheque.

5. Effects and Termination
(a). Any disrespect towards  IIC and its team members.
(b). Long Delay in providing the data as required by the team member.
(c). After termination no amount will be refunded back.

6. Changes during Project
Layout Design, Information Architecture, Wireframes and other UI elements once decided
by both parties will not be changed. If any changes are required then extra amount need to
be paid.

7. Future Services
These services include:
(a). Explaining the steps to a technical staff member for updating the pages(guided pages) as discussed during the time of agreement.
Guided pages – Pages required by client for future updating by client as decided at the time of agreement.
(b). Correcting the errors that occurs on website, under following conditions:
1. If the error occurs due to some technical issues from server side.
2. If the error occurs due to any changes made by the client in the code of the pages or trying to implement and update the pages other than the mentioned guidelines or due to incorrect method of updating the pages not mentioned in the guidelines[refer point 7(a)] ; will not come under free services and client will have to make an additional payment for the same.
3. If the website stops working due to incorrect method of updating the guided pages or trying to make and implement any changes in any other page beside the guided pages, this will not come under free service and the client will have to make complete payment for the website.
(c). Updating the content of the pages created on website.
(d). Provide on call service for updating the guided pages incase the client handling the specific website guided pages have trouble updating the same.